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Our attorneys have years of experience navigating the local laws governing DUI and DWI offenses, and specialize in effective strategies for defense.

Aberdeen Washington A DUI Conviction Can Leave You Bankrupt

Individualized Defense legal experts take a focus on your input when preparing a defense strategy for a DUI case, working to identify any factors that can establish your innocence.

Aberdeen Washington We have a deep knowledge of DUI Laws.

Charge Mitigation

Even if we are unable to have your case fully dismissed, we specialize in negotiating a positive outcome for drivers in the area by helping to have their charges reclassified to lesser offenses.

Aberdeen Washington

A Trusted Reputation has been an area leader in DUI and DWI defense for decades, and thousands of area drivers have made the wise decision to place their futures in our hands.

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Aberdeen Washington DUI Laws are some of the country's strictest. Let us help after an arrest.

Dedicated Representation

The staff of legal experts at is committed to achieving the most favorable outcome possible with every case entrusted to us.

Aberdeen Washington We have helped countless drivers avoid jail time after a DUI arrest.

Full Service Defense attorneys and staff can help ensure the best result in your DUI case by representing you at DMV hearings, trial events and other legal venues associated with your case.

Aberdeen Washington Can I have my DUI charges dropped in the legal system?

Comprehensive Case Examination

From police procedure to testing methods, we meticulously evaluate your individual scenario from start to finish, and it is this attention to detail that gives us a success rate of over 90 percent.

Aberdeen Washington Residents: Prior DUI Arrests? We can still offer answers.

Pricing Plans

We intentionally keep our prices lower than the competition to open our services up to the drivers who need us most. We also offer a variety of pricing plans to deliver greater flexibility.

Aberdeen Washington Keep Your License with DUI Representation.

A Winning Reputation has a long history of success in the Aberdeen area when it comes to DUI and DWI defenses, and our consistency has made us one of the most trusted local legal resources.

Aberdeen Washington The most experienced DUI Defense team.

Complete Discretion

When you turn to us with your DUI or DWI charge, we understand the potential impact on your personal and professional life. We do everything in our power to safeguard your personal information.

What You Must Know About a DUI Case is the BEST choice for
We can help you avoid a DUI conviction. in Aberdeen.


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Aberdeen, city, Grays Harbor county, western Washington, U.S., on the Pacific estuaries of the Chehalis, Wishkah, and Hoquiam rivers (which together form Grays Harbor). With Hoquiam and Cosmopolis, Aberdeen forms a tri-city area. Captain Robert Gray navigated the inlet in the shipColumbiaon May 7, 1792, and named it Bullfinch Harbour. In 1878 settler Samuel Benn laid out a village, which 10 years later merged with theadjacentsettlement of Wishkah to form the town of Aberdeen. A Northern Pacific Railway line reached the city in 1895 after residents donated their labour to build a branch, giving Aberdeen an economic advantage over its larger neighbours; it grew to become the commercial and industrial centre of the area. A fire devastated the downtown district in 1904; afterward most of the city's buildings were made of brick rather than wood. Fishing, lumbering, seafood processing, and tourism are its economic mainstays. The deepwater port of Grays Harbor is midway between Aberdeen and Hoquiam. The two-year Grays Harbor College was founded at Aberdeen in 1930. Inc. city, 1890. Pop. (2000) 16, 461; (2010) 16, 896.Aberdeen, Washington, on the banks of the Chehalis River. Joe Mabel

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9 Ways A DUI Will Destroy Your Career
You may have seen the recent news story of a police officer who was fired for driving under the influence. If you are arrested for a DUI, the consequences go way beyond possible jail time. You may not be aware that a DUI can have a devastating impact on your job.
Here are 9 ways a DUI can destroy or damage your career:
Suspended license: If your license is suspended and you don't get an exemption for driving to/from work (many states allow this exemption under certain circumstances) then you're taking a taxi, hiring a private driver, or taking the bus to and from work. Taking the bus is pretty unreliable and you can end up losing your job due to lateness. Plus, if your job requires you to drive, you're out of luck.
Mandatory firing policy: Many employers provide in handbooks and employment contracts that conviction of a crime is grounds for firing. If your employer has that policy, you may lose your job. Employers who have this policy usually require you to notify them immediately upon an arrest.
Insurance loss: If your job requires you to drive, and if you manage to keep your license, your insurance company may not insure people with DUIs. If you are covered by company insurance for driving a vehicle or heavy equipment, your employer may lose coverage if they keep you employed. Your employer may have no choice but to fire you. Even if you manage to be covered, your insurance, and your employer's, will be more expensive. Your employer may not want to pay extra to keep you.
Diversion program: If you're lucky enough to qualify for a diversion program that lets you avoid jail time, there could still be mandatory notification of your employer and even required visits to you at work. If you can show that your handbook provides that conviction of a crime is grounds for firing, then some states may waive this requirement. However, some states require a guilty plea for entry into a diversion program, and if your employer finds out you've been convicted, you'll likely lose your job.

Professional license: Many professional licenses, such as for lawyers, nurses, doctors and even plumbers require that any arrest be disclosed to the licensing agency. Depending on your state and the agency, it could affect your license. Lose your license, lose your job.

Missed work: You'll miss work for court appearances and possibly for mandatory alcohol treatment. There could be mandatory imprisonment. You could get hit with excessive absenteeism. Plus, there's the embarrassment of explaining why you have to be out.
Job applications: While some states don't allow employers to ask about arrests and convictions on job applications, most do. Plus, your DUI will appear in public records and on your driver's license records.
Education: Many colleges and universities ask if you have any criminal convictions. Similarly financial aid applications may be affected by a DUI. You may have to prove you've gone through a treatment program, or may lose out altogether.
Commercial driver's license: A DUI will show up on your commercial driving record for 55 years. If you're a commercial driver, your career is possibly at an end.
So, what do you do if you're pulled over and you've had a few? I'm an employment lawyer, not a criminal defense lawyer, but based on my research here are some pieces of advice that seem to be universal:
Stay calm: Police are looking to see if you are agitated, nervous or belligerent. Be polite and calm at all times.
Open your window: It may be cold (or hot) out, but you need to clear the alcohol fumes. Plus, you will need to speak with the officer. Do it as quickly as you can.
Get your license and registration ready: You don't want them to see you fumbling or dropping things.
Speak as little as possible: Look at them but point your mouth away from the officer's face. If you are asked where you are coming from, if you've been drinking or how much you've had to drink, don't answer. Say, politely, something like, 'I have nothing to say.' If you say any more, you may slur your words, and they will smell your breath. If you admit you had dinner with friends, came from a bar or club, or were drinking, that evidence can and will be used against you.
Refuse the field sobriety test: You don't have to submit to the field tests they give, like walking in a straight line, touching your nose, etc. They don't have to tell you that you can refuse. You can. Refuse. They're subjective and even sober people can fail�READ MORE:

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